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How To Handle Feelings of Frustration

After spending week after week at home with our families, it’s likely some tension and frustration has built up, no matter how well you usually get along with your family. When these frustrations happen, it’s important that we have tools that we can use to help relax us and to get us through these difficult times. Know that you are not alone in these feelings and that it is completely normal to feel an increase in anger and frustration during these times. Below are some ways that you can work to overcome these difficult emotions and not let them get the best of you during quarantine.
1.Notice your signs of being frustrated early on so that you can take measures to prevent it from escalating. Some examples of signs of frustration and anger are:  -Increased heartrate -Racing thoughts -Muscle tension -Clenched fists -Feeling your face getting hot -Any other sign you have noticed in the past when you are about to get angry
2.Get emotional support from friends or family that are not in your house…

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